Velonation website not updating

Why is Iran being talked about as a hotbed for new cycling talent?

Why should you care whether Mark Cavendish has finally signed with Sky?

What we like most, however, is the Survey page, which features pro-caliber shots of cyclists with style from around the globe.

The thing is, the company does blog posts every bit as good, with soulful stories and odd tidbits about races and events and cyclists.

Written by: According to the author: "I do the blog anonymously just to help separate cycling from the day job." From predicting who would win the World Championships (wrong choice, incidentally, of Peter Sagan) to pointing out the inherent self-serving nature of Specialized's new carbon recycling program, INRNG isn't afraid to express some opinion.

And for the most part, it's well thought out stuff, as are the reader comments, which seem imminently more intelligent and polite than on many other cycling sites.

After more delays than a congressional debt panel, the UCI’s appeal of the Alberto Contador case will finally get under way next week in a hearing before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (barring any last-minute postponements, of which there have already been two).

Good for: Dirt fiends looking for race coverage, rider interviews, multimedia gear reviews, and, most importantly, all the greatest mountain bike clips.

From an i Phone Q&A with DH World Champ Aaron Gwin (his power animal is the penguin, btw) to an acoustic guitar-accompanied video review of the Easton Haven wheelset, this is largely fresh, video-driven mountain bike content.

"10 Bike Graphics" offers a smart assortment of T-shirts: "Bikes Kill" (complete with machine gun graphic and stats on auto accidents), "BILF" (pictured on an appropriately beddable young lady), and "Behind bars for life" (with accompanying graphic of road handlebars).

Good for: Anyone who prefers down-to-earth musings and misadventures of an average schmo rider instead of the usual snoot of top riders or journalists.

Before you get your chamois in a knot over all the killer pages I neglected and start sending hate mail about how out of touch I am, let me say this: These picks are personal, somewhat arbitrary, and based on the frequency I visit the blogs and the regularity that I ride away with something useful. What I look for in a blog is analysis and opinion beyond the headlines and quirky bits that make me scratch my head or laugh out loud. And if you still feel like I missed the mark, bring on the hate mail—just make it informative (i.e. Well, they do, though increasingly you have to go beyond the United States to find them.

There are tons of great sites out there that provide detailed, ongoing bike news and coverage (e.g. suggestions welcome) or at least scathing enough to give me a good chuckle. Here's one that was forwarded to me by a reader in Olso, Norway...

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  1. Und außerdem, falls sich jemand von Euch an die Anfänge von Live-Cams erinnert, werdet Ihr Euch erinnern, dass es zwar aufregend anzusehen - aber die Qualität schrecklich war (da half es auch nichts, dass viele von uns noch über eine Wählverbindung mit Modem ins Internet gegangen sind).