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She squirted at the end while fingering her ass."I’m pretty sure (given the bulk of such data) that the raw footages are fine if he practiced basic bulk storage practices and backups but it sounds like the work in progress and finished cuts he made for the site footage got lost, which are a giant time sink if he was the only guy editing the video.

You’d think a dentist with a garage full of supercars and years of work would have some decent backup and redundancy procedures for risk avoidance but I guess anyone can get complacent.

I think this just boils down to pure laziness, complacency and an outright disregard for the faithful fans that are/were really looking forward to the FTVX launch.

As I stated before I am really over this and I doubt I will be subscribing...

" in other posts she says that Rob isn't gone but that 'his hands are tied' and 'when it's time he'll explain' I wondered if it was the release of his PC game that came out a couple weeks ago, but that seems to be going well for him.

Data loss/randomware sounds simple on its face but I doubt Rob had years of his raw video and photo footage sitting around on a constantly connected PC ready to get hacked and I also doubt he didn’t keep his raw data in some sarcophagus of a fire safe.

I not really trying to stalk her or beg her back to XXX, but I believe with her fan base she could make lot extra money from her pass films, just by having friendly link to fan giving Thats why she did it in first place to make fast money.

She would need to hide it because he is not exactly fond of her former career in porn (according to what some have stated in old posts here).

Melody did say on ADT that the ftvx site “suddenly” reset on its own from the crude Latin template form to the countdown to Jan 1st format.

I’ll be shocked if he has anything up by Jan1st, there hasn’t been a single email update or peep from him since he stormed away from ADT after too many questions.

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