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Some of the photos that are particularly confusing to this end include one of Soda’s own, showing a shot of pubic hair coming out of her underwear with a cartoon-like penis drawing on her leg. It’s hard to say why.“My secret favorite is this one of this person that is looking in the mirror, and they’re lifting up their skirt, and you can see they’re wearing these big granny panties,” Soda says. They’re looking at beheadings and child pornography and cleaning it up and making sure we don’t see it.”The archival elements of the project also fit more broadly into Soda’s work.

Another is a portrait of a dark-skinned woman wearing a green hijab, two green hooded jackets, and goggle-like neon glasses, holding an i Phone to her cheek. “It’s funny that we’re reading them as wrong or bad.”During the course of the project, which began in fall of 2015, Soda and Byström also learned more about Instagram’s community guidelines. She considers herself an internet collector and says she screenshots everything so it can one day be turned into future work; one of her artworks is a 10-hour video of her reading through her inbox on Tumblr.

Instagram and Twitter are different companies with different philosophies and policies, but Apple's treatment of both should ostensibly follow the same rules.

Their attitude toward the latter is telling — and something the former should take note of., and Chelsea Handler, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Scout Willis have all joined the chorus of women (and men) who believe the ban represents a double standard.

Their project, ironically, comes in the form of a physical book called –an apt reference to the mantra for the age of Instagram, where social media posts become a proxy for real life. It’s filled with approximately 250 photos that were banned from the platform, many of which are NSFW, and far closer to lived reality.There are porn accounts galore, as well as videos and photos of nudity.Yet Apple hasn't brought down the hammer on CEO and company.Another seems even more innocuous: It’s a photo mostly of a smartphone screen that shows a text conversation about a woman refusing to shave her legs, with her hairy legs in the backdrop. “I think people operate under the assumption that it’s a robot or algorithm, but it’s actual people removing your images. She has a solo show in Los Angeles in April where she’s creating an installation based on her early days on the internet, what she calls a “digital memorial or graveyard, IRL.”The project also gestures to broader questions in the current political moment about the role of networks like Instagram (and particularly, its parent company Facebook) in censorship, free speech, and who has the right to say (or post) what.“The internet is so fluid and changing all the time, and I don’t think we think about how it shapes our memory, and how things can disappear,” Soda says.policy of banning female nipples — and it's throwing its hands up in the air and blaming someone else. According to Systrom, if Instagram runs up against these rules in any way — like allowing the posting of nipples — the app runs the risk of being banned from the store. Systrom argued that if the app were to increase its age bracket, it would end up keeping out many younger users who only want to see nonexplicit content.

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