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Laughed, talked and played "Flip--per" (pinball) and foosball.Disconnected the doorbell of the apartment--that way the ZL's never found us home.The zone leaders were impressed with our dedication to searching out potential converts in the more remote regions of our area....That companion was later a zone leader himself, but I heard later had opted out of the Morg...

You may not understand how missions work if you make this mistaken assumption.

Denied of family contact, normal contact with the world, emotional support, and having to work longer hours than anyone does in a regular job, EVERY MISSIONARY reaches a point where they have to find ways, whether subtle or more obvious, to do things for their own well being that are contrary to the mission rules which deny they have any human needs.

Some missionaries escape for a while watching tv at the homes of members (members often recognize how missionaries suffer and try to help them find a safe place at their homes), going to the movies, the beach, etc.

Tracting was near impossible during the winter as folks did not want to open their doors and let the cold in let alone Mormon Missionaries.

So.hung out, watched TV ( we rented a TV if we could get reception.cable back in the 1970's).

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