Marriage predating the bible

Thus we are American Indians, Berbers, Egyptians, Persians, and even Jews.

(It is interesting to note that the Albino people calling themselves Jews are really just another Turkic tribe (the Khazars).

Being that the original Turks were a very pale skinned Albino people who needed protection from the Sun, it is likely that they invented the Thawb. In the same way as the Turks of Baghdad, who are Finns, now reign over Semites, Turanian kings may have led into Egypt and governed a population of mixed origin where the Semitic element was prevalent.

The language is derived from the language of the Sabaeans, Minaeans and Himyarites.

The Mahra with other Southern Arabian peoples seem aligned to the Hamitic race of north-east Africa…

Baldwin draws a marked distinction between the modern Mahomedan Semitic population of Arabia and their great Cushite, Hamite, or Ethiopian predecessors.

The former, he says, ‘are comparatively modern in Arabia,’ they have ‘appropriated the reputation of the old race,’ and have unduly occupied the chief attention of modern scholars.”-- Charles Hardwick (1872) “Among ‘these Negroid features which may be counted normal in Arabs are the full,rather everted lips, shortness and width of nose, certain blanks in the bearded areas of the face between the lower lip and chin and on the cheeks; large, luscious,gazelle-like eyes, a dark brown complexion, and a tendency for the hair to grow in ringlets.

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