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Types of minerals typically include organic and inorganic substances that are part of the soil.These rights also traditionally include hydrocarbon resources like oil and natural gases.The reader should understand that any opinions and suggestions contained in these materials do not necessarily reflect the views of STEP.Statutes, rules, regulations, and case law can change over time.Our process for evaluating your mineral rights, oil royalties and gas royalties ensures that you receive a fair market price and our best possible offer.Mineral Rights are property rights allowing the holder to utilize the area for its minerals.The founding Principals are investment professionals with over 25 years of combined institutional investment experience and have successfully closed in excess of 0 million of transactions in the energy, real estate and mineral estate sectors.CP Royalties has averaged over 50 successful transactions per year since its inception in 2010.

When you sell your mineral rights, a lump-sum payment is provided at closing, typically in the form of a wire transfer or certified check.

Through owning mineral rights, you maintain the ability to sell and profit from any minerals extracted beneath the property.

There are many reasons that prompt people to sell their mineral rights.

Each situation is different and may require the specific advice of a legal, medical, or other appropriate professional.

CP Royalties, LLC specializes in the purchase of producing and non-producing mineral rights, oil royalties and gas royalties, overriding royalties and working interests in oil and natural gas formations throughout the United States.

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Some of the most common reasons to sell are the need for immediate cash to pay bills, retirement, emergency expenses, college tuition, other investment opportunities, complexity of managing royalties, tax savings, as well as for estate issues and liquidation.

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