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Whereas few individual cells greatly outperform the median productivity, others lag in productivity and are even less efficient than non-engineered strains.

First, we determined the phenotypic diversity in culture during batch growth of an over-producing and an under-producing strain.

(b) The frequency distribution of the lipid content per cell for the two strains, (c) Microfluidic immobilization of single Po1g cells under continuous laminar flow at a 1 μL/min rate (top).

In the lower snapshot series at 20′ time-steps, composite images of the cell (bright-field) and its neutral lipid load (green) illustrate the fluctuation of the cell’s lipid content (S).

We linked such intracellular production fluctuations with cell-to-cell productivity diversity in culture.

This unmasked the phenotypic diversity amplification by the culture microenvironment, a critical parameter in strain engineering as well as metabolic disease treatment..

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Bioprocess limitations imposed by microbial cell-to-cell phenotypic diversity remain poorly understood.

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