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But there are many more you probably haven’t heard of, with names like Arca and BATS, as well as sinister-sounding things called Dark Pools.

What happened in the flash crash is that when the trading got completely crazy, the algobots just switched themselves off. And with no one offering to trade, the prices just plunged, all the way down to one cent. But the premier goal should be helping developing countries with the problem of job creation.

Använd ett snyggt underlägg på bordet innan du ställer ner ditt glas, din tallrik eller en varm kastrull. För visst är det tråkigt när finbordet är fullt av fula ringar eller andra skavanker när det är så lätt att förhindra dem?

Vi på Fyndiq har mängder av snygga underlägg i olika färger, material och former att välja bland så att du enkelt kan skydda dina bordsytor från skador.

The double-dip recession that Cameron’s critics predicted has not yet taken place, but the figures are clearly headed in the wrong direction.

Most of the trading on US stock exchanges is done by something called algobots, these days.

Här kan du fynda bland produkter från många tusentals olika butiker från hela Sverige.These are algorithms: they’re computers which are programmed to put in orders, take out orders, trade in big size, trade in small size – all according to very sophisticated rules, called algorithms.And one of the ironies about the flash crash is that it was actually caused in large part by algobots not trading.Witness structural trends that predate the Great Recession and will be with us long after recovery is achieved: The most important of these is the strong shift in the market reward for a small minority of persons, relative to the rewards available to everyone else.In the United States, according to a recent , the incomes of the top 1 percent of the population have, after adjusting for inflation, risen by 275 percent from 1979 to 2007.

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